Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i read a news item out loud to my son, because it said that doctors were telling people to stay inside, and i wanted to convince him that im not the meanest mother in the world for making him stay inside today.... but some how he picked up on the advice to clean all surfaces with a damp cloth.... and he is now washing all his hot wheels cars...

"people should minimise their exposure, cover their mouth and nose if going out, and damp wipe and mop their house to further get rid of any lingering dust."

Dust storm Brisbane

I'm bunkered down inside my house, all the windows are shut. It's sweltering hot, and the light has an eerie orange quality. There is a beautiful breeze, pity i can't let it in. We can barely breathe the dusty air inside let alone the thick orange cloud outside. We are both feeling a little wheezy and our noses are running.

10 am this morning facing south west from my back verandah:

12pm (note the crane- its almost the same view)

10 am facing south from my verandah:

and again at 12pm:

my neighbours backyard:


Braved the dust and went exploring, my son was jumping and running around like a skittish kitten, strange how kids and animals are affected by weather....