Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dust storm Brisbane

I'm bunkered down inside my house, all the windows are shut. It's sweltering hot, and the light has an eerie orange quality. There is a beautiful breeze, pity i can't let it in. We can barely breathe the dusty air inside let alone the thick orange cloud outside. We are both feeling a little wheezy and our noses are running.

10 am this morning facing south west from my back verandah:

12pm (note the crane- its almost the same view)

10 am facing south from my verandah:

and again at 12pm:

my neighbours backyard:


Braved the dust and went exploring, my son was jumping and running around like a skittish kitten, strange how kids and animals are affected by weather....


  1. Found your blog through a link you posted on this subject.

    Yikes! It looks like it is all over Australia! I was just at Tania's blog at Out Back and it's been raining mud in Port Augusta (South Australia). The photos I posted at my blog (Cluttercut) of Sydney were scary!

    We're even getting bad weather here in Dunedin, New Zealand, where I live. We've had a bit of hail, and pretty much non-stop rain for the last 24 hours - but that isn't too unusual for this time of the year for us!

    Thanks for posting the photos!

  2. There was another duststorm on Saturday night,i didn't bother posting photos though, we couldn't see anything except a faint orange haze where street lights should have been.
    it meant a rather sleepless night, hot and stuffy, with the windows shut and the taste of dirt in the back of your throat...