Sunday, October 4, 2009


Went to Brisbane Organic Fair today. It was held at Albion Peace hall, under the albion overpass.
There were heaps of great stalls, loads of plants and seeds and books. Absolute heaven for me.
I came away with some seeds, $1 dollar a packet, who can pass that up?
I got Rosella, European dandelion, Purple Tomatillo, True Chamomile, and grain Amaranth.
My son spent most of the time in the "Livestock" section/petting zoo... It took a glass of real lemonade, made with sugar cane juice and real lemons, to tear him away.
Who could blame him?
delicate sweet bambi"Is this my good side?"

Naptime...Tamworth pig:

Baa Ram Ewwe....

Oh awww, can we get one mum??? pleease I'll be good , I promise.......

A gorgeous Dame... French Houdan

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