Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daytime curfew?

I had never, ever heard of this, until I happened to read a casual comment about daytime curfews in this article.

I didn't know what the author meant, so I googled it, (gotta love google).

A copy of the Curfew Law for Dallas can be read here, it starts on page 63. This is an American idea, I haven't heard of it being implemented in Australia, so far.

I am shocked. Basically, anyone under the age of 17, must be at school, home, work, or supervised by a parent/guardian, or they are breaking the law. This is constitutional?

This is ridiculous.

1. At 15, a person needs to be supervised by adults? They are starting to become adults. Part of growing up is developing a sense of identity, away from family. It's about becoming independent, about learning how to grow up, and that process will be severely stunted if they aren't allowed out of their parent's sight.

2. What trouble can you get into at 2pm on Thursday, that you can't get into at 2pm on Saturday?

3. What if you are late for school? Can you get arrested for walking down the street, at 9.30am?

4. How come it's ok to wag at home, but it's not ok to wag in a park?

5. If you and your boyfriend are at his place "watching Buffy reruns", during school hours, do they arrest you both, or just you, because he is at home and therefore technically not breaking the law?

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