Monday, May 25, 2009


I stayed up late last night choosing subjects for next semester, and then enrolling in said subjects. It gives you a heart attack when you realise how much one subject costs, (between $600 to $1000 AUD per subject), then you start having a panic attack when you realise how many subjects you've failed and you still have to pay for. Well, if you're me anyway.

And i still need text books....... this is where HH starts having heart palpitations. I love new books, so i don't mind so much, he he.

I have posted a want ad on the uni forum for 2nd hand text books, so we'll see if i can get them cheap.

I'm also a bit panicky about having enough time to study. My family gets neglected when it comes to exam time...

hmm, i've worked myself up and it' still 2 months away......

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