Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Food Connect

"Food Connect is leading the way towards responsible food production and distribution in Australia. Unlike most national food distributors, major supermarket chains and produce box schemes, Food Connect sources its predominantly organic produce from local and regional family farms. We provide our family farmers a fair price for their produce, which encourages them to continue growing our food. This, in turn, helps our region to be more food secure. Furthermore, the environmental benefits of eating Food Connect produce go beyond just eating organic. Our local food distribution system ensures a significant reduction in the carbon emissions that are associated with transporting food long distances.

Your food choices matter! As a Food Connect subscriber, your choice contributes in very tangible ways to building an ecologically and socially sustainable world."

If like me, you wonder how you can possibly wade through the supermarket, figuring out where everything is from, then don't. Subscribe to Food Connect and they will deliver you fresh food from local growers. Too easy!

p.s. I haven't received anything for this plug and i am not affiliated with this company, I just think they do a great thing and more people should know about it :)

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